I just really like living for someone without a life. :3
Also I have a slightly unhealthy obsession with Sherlock, travelling and HTTYD. Oops.
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    me trying to reach goals in my life


    and when i reach them


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  • ugly:

    do u ever see a dog and ur like wow i want that dog

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  • myramylove:

    I don’t think I can do any of these.

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  • ereboreanbadger:

    Ravenclaw: Do it once you’ve gathered enough relevant information.
    Hufflepuff: Do it with integrity.
    Slytherin: Do it on your own terms.

    Gryffindor: Do it for the vine.

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  • creaseintime:

    are you ready to get

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  • killthepariah:

    "u still want me right"

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